Our Story

Lucid Bliss was founded by a professional stylist, wife and mother who truly understands the connection between looking good and feeling good. We take time to craft each product with gentle yet powerful ingredients to restore the hair of your dreams.

We know that life circumstances can get in the way of achieving real hair goals. Health conditions, stress, and aggressive styling practices can all lead to major hair breakage, thinning and ultimately even alopecia. This can be devastating to one’s look, as well as self-esteem.

The Lucid Bliss mission is to support women in achieving their beauty goals with confidence and grace by providing aesthetically pleasing solutions with better-for-you ingredients that deliver noticeable results. Our aloe-vera based product line is formulated to establish an ideal scalp environment for healthy hair growth, while delighting the senses. Every detail is designed to uplift your senses, from the sleek and sophisticate packaging to the indulgent and sensorial product experience.